Our Mandate: What is to be Learned

Student Performance: Skills

  1. Students' ability to access, evaluate and use information
  2. Students' ability to express themselves effectively through writing, speech and a variety of other forms of representing
  3. Students' ability to analyze critically, reason and think independently, solve problems and make decisions
  4. Students' ability to think creatively and express themselves creatively
  5. Students' cooperative and team skills
  6. Students' ability to set goals and work towards attainment of their educational, training and career objectives
  7. Students' knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for employment and future education
  8. Students' awareness of the value of lifelong learning
  9. Students' sense of self confidence and personal initiative
  10. Students' sense of social responsibility
  11. Students' tolerance and respect for the ideas and beliefs of others
  12. Students', parents' and staff leadership

Student Performance: Curriculum


Knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the following:

  1. Language Arts curriculum
  2. Social Studies curriculum
  3. Science curriculum
  4. Mathematics curriculum
  5. Physical Education curriculum
  6. Fine Arts curriculum
  7. Applied Skills curriculum
  8. Personal Planning/Career and Personal Planning curriculum
  9. Information and Computer Technology curriculum

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